About CD

I have spent the last eight years in what is loosely termed “the aid/development sector”, working principally in Haiti, the Middle East and West and Central Africa. As finding the time to idle is a tad difficult in those places, I decided to take a career break in order to finally give idling the full attention it deserves.  In between my stints of idleness, I have recently moved to Vietnam to learn the language and research a family biography.  Oh, and study for a Masters when the idling becomes just too much.

This blog gives me an opportunity to work through the tangle of issues and reflections – both personal and professional – on the sector where I’ve spent most of my professional life.  Unlike most “aid bloggers”, my background in the sector is on the support and management side rather than implementation/programmatic.  Another reason for this blog is to articulate my thoughts on being neither a local nor an expat in my new adopted country of my origins…  So it’s basically a cheap version of therapy and akin to listening to me rant and moan after a few.  You’ve been warned.

I’m hoping to alternate my posts between aid/development industry issues and more personal/light-hearted pieces.  As I’m assuming the vast majority of guests on this blog know me in real life, give me a shout or drop me a comment if there’s anything in particular that you would be interested in getting my garbled take on.


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