So, is this the life?

Well, it’s been almost three months since I’ve moved here to Hanoi, Vietnam so this is a somewhat belated start on this blog.

So, to recap the last few months, these are the main things I’ve achieved:

– learnt how to drive my scooter like a maniac ie a true Hanoivian.  This includes but is not limited to going up the wrong way on one way streets because I can’t be arsed to go all the way around, treating red lights as mere suggestions with slightly less force than a stop sign, and window shopping on a busy road during rush hour while on my scooter.  Note that, sadly, I’m still one of the more defensive/rule abiding drivers on Hanoi’s roads…

– Completed two modules of my Masters which included TWO exams on the same day.  Yes, that translates to SIX hours of handwriting.  My right hand was whining at the luddite ridiculousness of it all 15 minutes in and was almost at the point of staging a full scale uprising by the end of that day.  My left hand was smug.

– Attended enough Vietnamese lessons that, if I actually got round to consolidating and practicing what I learnt, I could theoretically be able to hold a 5 minute conversation with someone.  Remember that “If”…

– Established once and for all that everyone has been lying to me and that I was actually born without the ability to produce endorphins.  Especially when getting up at 6am to go “running”.  However, I still do it just because the West Lake in Hanoi is something very special…

– Established close and productive relationships with my local Pho and Bun Cha food stalls.  I’m particularly proud of this one – so much sacrifice was involved to achieve this.

– Became an aunt (or whatever it is if my cousin has a child).  I don’t think this was really down to any special effort on my part though.

Things I have yet to achieve:

– Blogging on Big Issues.

– Anything resembling family research aside from a haphazard family tree.  Although I have managed to discover very juicy bits of family gossip which may or may not be true…

– Being able to hold a five minute conversation in Vietnamese without provoking a pained, concentrated expression on the face of my unlucky victim as they mentally run through all the possible tones and combinations to try to figure out what I’m trying to say.

– Watching the second (or third) season of Game of Thrones.

– Eating dog meat.

– Getting a cat.

Not bad three months in…